Sunday Music

We are in an era where music had evolved to its height. We can listen to a variety of music from classic, ballads, country, slow rock, pop rock, and those extreme drums and vocals that pierces the ears.

I am so lucky to be born and grow up in these generation. The foundation of free music had already been laid by the greatest singers of the 70’s and 80’s, The Beetles then the Eagles, Micheal Jackson and much more and evolving into a world that defined their own music and sound. Thanks to them that you and I can be able to pick out the music that defines us too, our taste, our personality, our own definition of sound and our patriotism.

I do like Moonstar88, a local band that speaks of the reality of this country. The glass-shattering vocals of Regine Velasquez and Charice Pempengco.I love Celine Dion’s twinge that is very uniquely hers.

I recently discovered Nickelback music. I totally fell in love with I’d Come For You when I first heard it. Then Photograph and Faraway and then I totally fell for each of their songs.

I like the sound of guitars, those suceeding picks on the strings. That’s why I love Eagles, they are a master of it.

I would once again say I am very thankful to be born in this era. I won’t wonder what kind of music the next era would offer because the music that dominates my small world is enough to last me a lifetime. I could listen to them all day long and won’t get tired.

I, too, like the music had evolved in wants from pure Country which I have grown up with to Bon Jovi’s. Later I enjoyed the music of Survivor and the other 70’s hit bands.  I envied the collection of Kuya Melvin and my former boss, Sir Olan. The first is a singer and the later an aficionado who makes time to sing on sundays with his friends.

Unwritten sang by Natasha Bedingfield had stayed with me during those review days when sleep could not come.  There is those Korean songs that I also love.

I enjoy a bit of Maroon5 but I am enamored these days with Creed andNickelback.

I am wondering if there are still some music that would make my heart beat fast and waiting to be heard.

Hail to this generation’s music!


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