Top Five Korean Drama for 2012

Watching Korean Dramas crept into my life. At one point it became an addiction. I now have an understanding of how my friend Royce can’t live without yosi back then. The drama land this year offered a lot but here are my top 5 which, well I can say stick.. stuck like a chewed bubblegum under the table, it never let go..

1.  Ghost

I thought a story about computers or virus, antivirus and the like would be boring but this one changed my perspective entirely. Every episode was full of suspense that kept the viewer at the edge of his seat. It was full of twist, something like Prison Break. The investigative team was kept running at every crime scene to preserve digital evidence that could vanish into thin air at the click of a key.  I warmed up to the heroin despite her almost bland expressions, to the hero who couldn’t undo the knot on his forehead.. until the end and the perfect villain ever.


2. Queen In-hyun’s Man

An intelligent time-travelling hero. From all the time-travelling drama they offered this year, this one really got into me. It was detailed, it explained the how, why, what, who that the viewer can relate to. It also maintained its concept from beginning to end with cute twist, keeping it lighthearted and warm.


3. After Secret Garden Ha Ji Won went on to make King2Hearts and I told myself I am a Ha Ji Won fan ever since Heundae or Tidal Wave and the more Harold Robbins-y movie Sex is Zero or the supa 3D Sector 7, her ambitious work to date but… but and more buts, I wasn’t able to get over her dialogues in K2H with that singsong-like, monotone speech (do the North Koreans speak that way? Maybe. Yes. The story was weird  but it was it’s weird-y angle that kinda got me to like it.  The casts were fabulous from the heroes to the anti-heroes.


4. Answer Me, 1997

This really stuck, glued. No, that is an understatement, the right term should be welded. The story played on the human interest side, light, funny, a little bit of emotion here and there. An everyday events of high school life, it presented the funny side to it and then some. I laughed, I cried, laughed again and fell in love. Who won’t? It was high school. It was first loves. It was real life. I usually don’t rate dramas but I’ll make an exception with this one. I’ll give it a full ace.

answer me

5. Moon Embracing the Sun

I had watched this drama first because of Jung Il Woo, second because it is a historical drama, third there’s Kim Soo Hyun (Dream High) but I fell in love on the first episode with it’s beautiful shots, too vivid. They used excellent cameras there. Later on I fell in love with the love story, the characters played by very excellent actors which were pivotal in carrying the drama from childhood until the adults took over. It was complete with an evil grandmother,    a sickly King who couldn’t let go of his first love, a brother who’s in love too with the King’s first love, typical plot and maybe at some point it became stagnant…dragged on and on and ended well with a 40% rating breaking records.



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