Remembering the Dead

Death is an uncommon subject we the living don’t want to dwell upon. It hovers on our subconscious because a part of our brain doesn’t want to acknowledge the probability of it.

And yet death is a shadow, it is always with us.

An author had attributed death as a beautiful woman always sitting in front of him, a better picture than the black-hooded figure holding a scythe we are all familiar with. This author writes that death is his daily companion, death saying “I will touch you but you don’t know when. Therefore, live life as intensely as you can”.

We all have lost someone to death and each time we are reminded of our own mortality.

And yet we spend our days with the complexities and trappings of the world. We live each day carrying emotional baggage of the past. We struggle to determine what really matters and what does not.


He was young, just fresh out college and from his humble beginnings the future looks promising. One night he went out to drink with friends, was stabbed on a side street and left to bleed. He died that night, he was just 21. His dreams and his future died with him. For me it was an unjust death, there was nothing heroic or noble about it and it thought me to cherish each day, to show sincerity with each encounter, to live life as I am and love like tomorrow would never come.

We thank a day where we are reminded of those people who had gone ahead – where exactly we don’t really know.

And may the death of a friend, a family member, an acquaintance or just someone we know reminds us to live and love intensely as we can. To risk everything, may that be fulfilling our dreams or loving someone. To stop living on auto pilot, to stop for a few minutes and ponder on the miracle of life.

We are all walking towards death,it would come sooner or later. What matters when you are taking your last breath? Did you live enough? Did you love enough?#


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