Roaming Free at The National Museum

All the goods things in life are the ones that comes free. And free entrance to one of the historic building in Manila like the National Museum – once housed the Congress is one of the best freebies in life.

What perfect day to see the Spolarium by Juan Luna but on a free entrance day? And the painter does not disappoint. His can hang side by side with a Monet, a Manet, a Picasso and his painting will hold its own.

The Spolarium
The Spolarium

2014-11-01 11.58.07

The National Museum boast a lot, from remains of the first war boat, our own letters, textiles, science, history and arts.

What really captured my interest was the portraits that Amorsolo did. They were all vivid and of powerful figures of the society in that era. Amorsolo apparently was not the struggling artist, but his works are indeed good.

Jose P. Rizal by Fernando Amorsolo
Jose P. Rizal by Fernando Amorsolo

Even if you are not an avid fan of art, visit the National Museum just for the heck of it. A diversity of spending an afternoon inside a mall just window shopping. Entrance is free on October but whole year round, it is free on sundays.


making faces infront of the Spolarium; me and my friend



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