Mumblings: Can Roxas Beat Binay?

I’ve always been a staunch critic of Mr. Jejomar Binay, because I’ve always criticized political dynasty. Haven’t we all watched “The Godfather” to know that if power is held by one entity it results to all sorts of violence, corruption, murder and hopelessness?

When a family centralizes the political power amongst them it breeds corruption. It results to people’s money being pocketed, unfinished roads, basic services being neglected, ghost employees, under-the-table transactions, political killings and more.

It takes away the chances of more deserving citezens to serve. It takes away good governance. It obliterates respect and delicadeza. It becomes trapo or traditional politics.

When asked about their political dynasty, Nancy Binay’s stupidest remark was “Binoboto kami ng tao” (we are being voted by the people) when she won a senate seat. A lightning rod should have struck her.

For the past months, Binay’s dirty laundry was and still being hanged in the public court of opinion for everyone to see and judge with the outcome yet to be seen.

Binay had announced his intentions to run for President early and that gave his so-called political enemies time to dig for whatever corruption and misdeeds he concocted when he was still Mayor of Makati. Thanks to the gripe and guts of a previous ally that the corruptions are now being made public. If Mercado dies, all fingers would point to Binay like how all fingers pointed to Marcos when Ninoy died and became the catalyst of People Power.

It was almost a given that Binay would become the next President either you or I want it or not. Unless a dark horse would appear and steal the Presidency away from him – even that wish is somehow a needle in a haystack. But as the phrase goes, “anything that can possibly go wrong does”. One thing is clear: he still has the ratings.

While Binay is sweating heavily and continues to make a joke of himself, these are good news for Mr. Mar Roxas camp.

From his Wikipedia page, Mr. Palengke boast an impressive resume’ but I will look beyond the Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania and even the prestigious Palanca award he received because I admired his chivalry when he stepped back and made way for PNoy during the 2010 elections. PNoy’s popularity back then was remarkable and Roxas’s move was expected. But chivalry is still chivalry.

It was also expected that he be given a post after PNoy was elected; in a political term, a payback. That was when he became no. 2 and played behind the shadow of the President.

But being the first Senator to win 19 million+ votes is epic in itself. He had the right background, connections and the charm of a politician but what is he doing wrong that his ratings is dipping precariously?

He forgot to get out of PNoy’s shadow. He was given the post to head the DOTC and that alone could have given him the opportunity to shed the label of being no. 2 to PNoy and made changes that would endear him to the voting public.

When Robredo died, he was given the vacant seat as DILG Secretary. And he went on to make the worst mishaps in his political career. He bungled at the height of the Tacloban crisis when he came across as inhumane amidst the tremendous loss of lives and hopelessness. He had the gall to mention the political war between the Aquino and the Marcos/Romualdez as the reason impeding the help that the national government should be delivering to the people. His campaign manager and political adviser should tap a mallet on his head. It was his major setback and his decision making starts to be questioned. Does he even have the decision making skill of a President?

But people forget and his ratings started to take a little hike until again he appeared in Esquire with a smiling face in commemoration of Tacloban’s loss. Say it was the magazine’s misjudgment for choosing that photo but someone really should tap on Roxas head. He has a plate full of wrong timings.

Maybe that is the reason PNoy is not all-out in naming him as his successor, of why PNoy brought out a possible second term (I never did believed that shenanigan) just to slow down Binay’s popularity. It shows that the present administration is extremely worried and nervous. The President needs someone who can beat Binay and continue the programs he had started.

Roxas is politically clean but he needs to hurdle the first requirement before he can do the second.

Now can Roxas beat Binay? The answer is no unless one miracle happens, Binay bailing out of the race.

For anyone to beat Binay, is for Binay to continue in his panic-driven political moves, to dig his own political grave, for his corruptions to continue being unearthed, the media to rally in its campaign against Binay, the religious sector to make a stand, the Ilocano’s not voting as one. Importantly, a ‘dark horse’ in the race.

So help us God.#


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