Safety and Rescue

Everyone had been holding their breaths for the safe rescue of a climber/trail runner. And he is now safely rescued.

I had been following the updates from LUCP facebook page since friday when the news broke out.

WiSAR, local officials and the Army stationed in the vicinity had been doing SAR since Saturday. Details on the type, scale and plans of the SAR had been vague. All we know is everyone had done their best amidst the rains.

Most of Bataan as widely known is a jungle and that is why it is a stronghold of the New People’s Army.

This incident will make the mountaineering community stronger and thus would leave each one of us a note-to-self.

  • Solo climbs/hikes are not advisable. Group climbs/hikes lets you meet friends and it is more fun.
  • Safety is utmost on the list as with extra phone batteries, medical kit and some beef jerky
  • Learn Basic Mountaineering Course or BMC or take part in basic jungle survival activities

Life is too fragile.


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