Warm Hearts

It’s those gifts that warm the heart that matters. What doesn’t become mere luxuries.

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I grew up not experiencing the trappings of Christmases or New Years. Gifts? I can remember recieving maybe 1 or 2 from relatives. Looking back now Christmases and New Years had never been a big event in my life and continue to be so. It has to do with the Ifugao culture of simple life and growing up poor. Although the first had been undergoing evolution, adopting what our society calls as western culture.

Some of us associate Christmas and New Year to food, the abundance of it. And also the gifts, the ability to give and we who are in the construction industry, the willingness to recieve. It’s free. Who doesn’t want freebies? Dumb.

And yet beyond those endless dinners and gifts what really matters are the ones that warms the heart. It may sound clichè but a kind word, a praise, a simple concern, camaraderie, friendship, love, a pat on the back after a job well done, an encouragement and a smile, all of it warms the heart. Those are the gifts that stays even if you’ve parted ways with a friend, an acquintance or a colleague at work.

Trivial emotions they maybe but those makes us human – warm, loved and ready to love.

Still trying to whack your brains thinking of a gift? You can always resort to the simple handwritten gift card with message of friendship or love.


Late last night I looked out the jeepney and saw a family – father, mother and three children, laid out on the pavement asleep. They have nothing – just a kariton for a home, the clothes on their back and maybe a few pennies.

The father must feel inadequate to provide for his family, the mother wouldn’t even have the luxury to worry about lip gloss and the children boarding jeepneys to ask for a few coins from strangers.

They would still be there on Christmas and New Year while society pass by them not noticing they too exist.

And yet they whisper a prayer on Christmas Day, watch the fireworks coming from someone else home before it strikes 1am, see the sunrise at the break of dawn and life would continue as it is.#


3 thoughts on “Warm Hearts

  1. Nice post. You know,

    Tomorrow is my birthday, that is, December 25. And the dress I had ordered for myself hasn’t reached me yet. My day is already spoilt. Tomorrow is a national holiday. I won’t be getting it tomorrow even. In that case, I don’t know how will I celebrate my birthday with old dresses. Now, you might be thinking, why am I writing this to you. Actually, your post is regarding Christmas and my Christmas is already destroyed. I am away from my family, no gifts nothing. Just completed with my exams and didn’t get any time for shopping. And unfortunately, I’m living far away from my city. Can’t go and have any new dress because I was waiting for the one I had ordered for myself. Every year my birthday leaves me disappointed, either it’s because of dress or because of my bad destiny that I experience something or the other on my birthday. I really don’t know why I am saying this here.

    Any way!! Please go through my blog too https://www.revitalizedagain.wordpress.com


    1. Hi there.. advanced happy birthday. Thank you for reading.

      I’m sure you’ll find a dress you’ve never worn before somewhere on the bowels of your closet or if you can’t find one then try your old blue jeans that fits like a glove bec of old age.

      Its never the clothes that measure our worth, its how we feel good about ourselves and being confident in our own skin that makes us beautiful.

      Be gorgeous!


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