Mountain Climbing With Your Special Someone

Sounds wonderful eh? Imagine you and your special someone on a cold, windy night (due to high altitude) sharing a small tent in the middle of God knows where – I mean forest, riverbank or waterfalls, where else?

You are both lulled to sleep by the sound of crickets (hope you know how to determine one), the sound of water and the warm body beside you as you drift off to dreamland. Pretty picture isn’t it?

But is it wise? Climbing mountains with your special someone – may that be your boyfriend/girlfriend, wife/husband or just the so-complicated relationship you have that some pontio pilato created, there are pros and cons.

I have met fellow climbers and guides who were more than willing to share stories of proposals, break-ups, suicide (Oops! don’t do this please) and ghost stories. I knew the stories were a bit exaggerated but when you are in the mountains they can be goosebumps inducing and are vivid real.

So lets delve into those pros and cons of climbing with your special someone:

♥ Discovering each other’s strengths and weaknesses.

Either during or after the climb you’ll be shocked or be left mesmerized. Mind this as it will either reinforce your relationship or destroy it. You get to discover that the cool and composed man you’ve known can be easily irritated when the tent can’t be assembled and that the very feminine girl you have love has a strong will power or maybe she turned out to be whining a lot and acting primadona who sits around and never helps at camp. Maybe asked you for a piggyback during the ascent, damn!

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♥ Sharing the hardship of the trail and the joy of seeing the sunrise on the summit.

There is a big difference than just watching the sunrise on a beach because the experience is a shared accomplishment. Sharing hardships sometimes strengthen relationships, that is why armies around the world train as a unit.

Also, the happiness of slowly seeing that beautiful sunrise reflected on his/her eyes is priceless (awww very romantic, please indulge me).

♥ Sharing expenses.

If you are married its double the expenses. Both should have agreed to put aside a savings/fund for climbs as to not stretch the family’s coffers and create an argument or problem in the future.

For boy/girl friend tandem, the two of you can split the expenses and save for the next adventure together.

♥ Chance to help each other and along the way discover the hidden talents of your partner.

(Wow, you know how to use a compass!) When you are in the city and everything can be spoon fed, you don’t get to discover your talent for adaptability. If married, it’s like rediscovering each other on a different setting and elevation. Win-win.

♥ Sharing a common interest and hobby.

You don’t need to climb the highest tree to get a cellphone signal and inform your worrying partner that you are safe and sound, that you’ve just eaten your dinner or taken your med for allergies. The wifey would no longer have wild imaginations wilder than the mountain. You both can take landscape photography as a hobby and compare your shots thus the bond that bounds you together gets stronger.

♥ Risk to life is always omnipresent during climbs.

When you cross a knife-edged trail, the adrenaline is at its peak and so love is because you are both putting your life at risk. Studies show that you’d likely fall in love or feel deeper connection during adrenaline inducing activities. But this is more of a disadvantage if you are married and have children. Should accidents happen and both of you lose your lives, the children you’ve left behind will greatly suffer.

When you are subjected to the elements without the comforts of home, things can happen. Climbing has its dangers and its joys, the risks should be discussed and agreed.

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Let me share a sweet story, I have this couple as hiking buddies, they had an argument before one of our climbs over some petty things but they had to push through because it was already paid and they had made a commitment to us, their friends.

So at the meeting area, they barely talked to each other. Not even meeting each others gaze. The girl was seated at the end of the table while the guy is somewhere else. On the bus, they sat side by side but not yet in a talkative mood.

Everyone was walking on broken glass around them. But during the climb because of the arduous trail, they had to hold hands and help each other. The next thing we knew, they were laughing when they both slipped and landed flat on their butts.

Watching them, you’d want to hit them with your trekking pole.


Mountain climbing brings out the best and worst in us and for me a good barometer in choosing for the person you’d want to spend this lifetime with.

Good luck in climbing with that special person and see you on the next trail!


20 thoughts on “Mountain Climbing With Your Special Someone

  1. Last Holy Week, my brother and his friend accompanied me and my two other friends to climb Tinagong Dagat. His friend brought along his girlfriend and everything went well. They were really sweet and funny. Things started to get rough during the last night because they fought, and the girl had to be forced to eat because she kept saying “busog” pa daw siya. During our descent, they had another argument and this time everybody had to see it, they were already grabbing each other. My brother and I had to interfere while two of our companions watched awkwardly.

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    1. So sad to hear the story. Hopefully they will patch things up although mukhang right now hindi pa kasi wala ka nabanggit. Sometimes, its funny how a mountain can bring out the best and worst in us.. kudos sa climbs mo, girl power!


  2. Nice =) …I agree on this… this is the reality of relationships. I am climbing mountains before I met my partner, for a time it was an issue, until she allowed it once month only. few years passed, she’s curious on why I am always climbing mountains, suddenly she asked me “can I climb with you” my heart smiled and I said Yes.. Tara..!!! (feeling excited)

    Now, I’m climbing and training with her teaching, sharing all of my experiences specially the mind setting thing. For me patience is part of my training too (bringing extra effort =) ). I can see in her eyes my self way back years ago, now she understands why am I doing this.

    Pictures and stories can only tell half of it, but bringing her would complete the story. We’re both happy climbers now but we cannot avoid small misunderstandings, it’s normal and it makes us more human but I’m always here for her what ever mountain she wants to climb I’ll always be at her back no matter what .

    .=) happy climbing =)

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  3. My husband and I both love nature, road trips and adventures. When our company started a road and trail club in 2011, we signed up right away and had been climbing buddies since then. I love the feeling that I can walk/hike at my own pace, not burdening the team because I know/the sweeper knows that my hubby will wait for me. When I feel like giving up, he pushes me to continue on. We always have post-nup photo ops to the delight of our clubmates, basically because hindi na kami nahihiya. Downside: yes, we risk our lives that when we’re at a difficult part of the trail, I always ask “tell me again why we’re doing this? We have 3 children! And we’re both here!”. But just for the sheer joy of overcoming physical difficulties together and being overwhelmed by the beauty and wonder of nature around us…these are enough reasons to keep climbing.

    Btw, whenever feasible, our children join us now:)

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      1. definitely! 🙂 you can always ping me anytime. Follow my Page, Lakambini Viajera on Facebook or IG: @viajeracebuana. I actually added you on FB 🙂 Jeane Louise Mainit is my name on FB 🙂


      2. I will Mam Jeane (hope I can call you that), I’m adding you up. My apologies, I don’t have an IG as my social media account is limited..

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  4. Hi! I agree that climbing with your partner can really make or break your relationship. My boyfriend has to be really parient with me during my first climbs. Me times kc na ambilis nya mag lakad ang layo nya na sa akin. And i was like, hello kasama mo gf mo.I would call him and give my pissed off face.. haha. May times nman na i was afraid to climb the peak because im afraid. Parang matarik sya kasi. Gusto ko na magpaiwan. Pero my bf is very patient with me, he encourages me. Now, during our last climb mas proud ako sa sarili ko, Im braver and more patient. No petty quarrels during the entire hike. Just pure fun 😊😊😊


    1. Ata girl Mam Jamie, like any other activity practice makes perfect and jogging helps hehe para mas ma enjoy ang climb dpt physically fit. Kudos to all your climbs and you are one of the blessed who has a partner who enjoys same hobby!


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