Mt. Pulag 2013: Four Years and Counting.. (part 2/4)

My Revenge

2013 included a lot of changes in my life but Mt. Pulag became a reminder that whatever path I’ve chosen, I took it by choice.

Life always give us options to choose from and whatever paths we have chosen, we have to believe it was the right path because if not, we would always look back to that fork and wonder on the ‘what ifs’.



A rare beauty along Ambangeg Trail
A rare beauty along Ambangeg Trail

The culture of ‘good morning’ or ‘good afternoon’ along with a smile among climbers still continues. The look of amazement written on the faces of those who were able to summit is worth a portrait. Taking a picture along the trail with strangers could be inspiring. Listening to their own stories and reasons for climbing is fun and sharing trail food and jokes creates connections.

The mountain was generous in 2013. The gods playing on the mountain showed us a sunset, a beautiful sunrise and the famous sea of clouds Mt. Pulag is known for.

The infamous sea of clouds
The infamous sea of clouds

Beyond the acres of grassland, the clouds deformed and re-formed. Kissing the ground and then moving again, forming figures with its cottony soft structure. It was a scene leaping out from a movie, sureal and so beautiful.

It brought “Ooooh’s’ and ‘Woooow’s’ from the large crowd gathered on the slope of the mountain. Camera’s clicked awayed, trying to freeze the moment.

The clouds continued to sway with the wind, the sun rose high above our heads and it was time to go down, armed with the gifts it gave, pictures taken and heart overflowing with contentment and joy. I was ready to take on the world.


We took a lots of photos but they will remain as such, a reminder of the emotions we have felt while looking on the viewer.

Mt. Pulag (138)

Another friend would see the photo of the sunrise, of the fauna, of the clouds and of the grassland. Yet, he won’t feel the emotions that drove me to take it. He will never feel the euphoria or remember the amazement and awe. He won’t know the hardship of the trail or the biting cold of the night.

Hopefully he can recognize beauty when he sees one.


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