A Trip to the Twin Falls

Ever seen siblings who are twins? Of course you did. But have you heard of twin falls? I bet you never heard or seen one.

Let me introduce you to Kipot twin falls.


The bus crawled on the highway, loading and unloading passengers from barangay after barangay while the inside of the bus felt like an oven in the early morning sun. We rode the bus from Bacolod City to Ma-ao which the locals had directed us to.

The scene on my side of broken window formed and deformed, vast plantation of sugarcane to communities to rice fields and back again.

The locals seems not to mind the heat as they converse on a dialect I could not understand. There were indeed some tagalog thrown in the mix but that didn’t help, it still rang strange on my ears.

After an almost two hours of bus ride, me and my companions got off (still by using directions from helpful locals) and hired a tricycle that could sit 15 persons, (yes, you read it right) for Php 200.00 (we were 5 in the group) to Brgy Mailum.

It was an air-continous tricycle ride to one of the cleanest baranggay I’ve ever seen. The sides of the highways were littered with environmental slogans, one read:

“Don’t be a destroyer, be a nature lover”


And it looks like the people embodies those environmental ideas and translates it into practice because the baranggay did look too clean to be true.

Cool is the first impression when we got off at the entrance to the falls. Old trees stood everywhere to give off shade and cool breeze. The intake of clean air after that bus ride felt good.

We were greeted by the caretaker of the area who looked at us critically, asking many times if we are capable of taking the trail to the falls. Since I was in jeans, hiking shoes and is skinny, she must have thought I can’t keep up with the men who were with me.

And maybe she was right since I can feel the knots on my thighs from the hike up Mt. Kanlaon the day before.


At last, after a few minutes of deliberation, the caretaker decided that maybe my group has the stamina to tackle the trail.

Down we went on the concreted steps complete with railings on both sides. Passed a small landslide and walked some more.

And the next thing we knew, we were face to face with the twin falls. True to its name, the falls were so identical, maybe even having the same velocity and quantity of water. It lands simultaneously merging again on the pool from some two-storeys height and the water making its way around rocks towards the sea.

The spray created by the fall moistened our faces as we stepped on slippery stones to get near. I sat in a huge rock and contemplated both their beauty.

The two hour bus ride was worth it.

Total expenses to reach the Kipot Twin Falls in Brgy. Mailum, Bago City, Negros Occidental can be around Php300 per pax or lesser if you are with a larger group.


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