Disconnect to Reconnect

Ever had dinner with friends and conversations wanes then silence? You look around and everyone is fiddling on their phones. Either they are playing COC or scrolling on their Facebook news feed looking at how their friends seems to be happy having dinner at this so and so restaurant or updating/posting photos of the dinner which is happening already at your own table.

Of course you did, we all did. Many times we are the culprit.

We are in a ‘present’ where our life seems to revolve around social media. I have two dear friends whom I occasionally meet for dinner and I really appreciate how phones are put out of sight during those times.

We have become totally besotted on sharing everything that happens in our lives may that be travelling to a place, what we ate for breakfast/lunch/dinner or where we ate those three meals or just whom we saw earlier or what we feel. Some would even vent their anger, use it to demean someone or becomes a platform for word war.

With our phones providing much distractions to our everyday life, we forget that connections doesn’t happen on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or any applications.

But connection can still be attained thru social media. I for one can attest to it. It is a medium that had worked to promote communication yet I still yearn for a face to face conversation. Being present and able to see the person’s facial expressions and body language, be able to laugh and enjoy each others company will never be replaced.

Complete connection happens when we allow ourselves to be fully be aware of the person across us who’s eagerly sharing some interesting information, to allow ourselves to be immersed on the moment, be absorbed by the present, to share ideas, to be involved in a heated discussion about politics or religion or to just catch up with each other’s lives.

Where the conversation may lead to, what is vital is us being fully present physically, emotionally and mentally, may that person be your partner, friend, acquaintance or a stranger. They chose to share that moment with us and thus deserves us being with them fully, to be heard and respected.

It is the moment shared physically, the laughter and the jokes that makes us feel alive and truly makes us human.

These phone applications are here and are here to stay, may it just become tools to strengthen the connections we established or would still have to establish. May it just become a platform or tool for us to continue to connect even when we are far apart.

Oftentimes we need to disconnect to reconnect even with ourselves.

I looked into those pools and saw the kindest eyes I’ve ever seen as we sat across each other. He continued to explain the how to’s of a mountaineering gear and I teased him how he sounded like a salesman. He obliged and took on the salesman’s pitch and we laughed at the silliness of it.

I’ll cherish that moment – looking at that face and seeing mine reflected in his eyes.#

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