My Musings on Love

I am a romantic. I love watching the full moon on a beach, the sunrise on top of a mountain’s summit, walking on a sidewalk littered with fallen leaves, afloat on a boat in the middle of a lake on a sunday afternoon, sitting on a bench at a park in companionable silence, having a picnic besides a river or a falls, relaying a passage from a book, seeing my face reflected in his eyes and the list goes on.

They are simple things of everyday because those simple things are the most romantic.

But I too is a realist. Love comes with a responsibility, a chosen responsibility one gladly bears. Thus it ceases to become a burden. Relationships will turn into a routine and a habit as life takes its toll yet it is choosing the person we love each day that would conquer it all. Focusing on the positive rather than the negative. Everyday, one should ask themselves, what can you do to make their day better? Give the love they need not what you think they need.

Love transforms people and I would like to think for the better. When we love, we start loving ourselves, we transform into a better person everyday. We start to take care of our health, sleep more, eat right, drink alcohol less, spend more time with ourselves, laugh and love others right.

We love, we lost but we learn. The hardest part is letting go of the remnants of our past relationships clinging to us like leech – though I for one could not brag a lot. My relationships came in my life during the times I was focused on getting through my education and poverty that I was never really present. Yet, there would always be the memories we try hard to hold on to. Time does not really heal, it only brings weariness, wrinkles and old age. It does not bring back the past so why are we still holding on? Let it all go, wishing our past loves happiness because a much happier future awaits. Life is too short to be spent on someone who already has a life, a different goal.

We have to believe that the future holds the one thing human always try to achieve one way or another, happiness. Because to doubt it, the past, present and future would become meaningless. Hope and willpower. The luxuries we love to surround ourselves are mere artificial things. If you miss a person, tell them. Never bottle up words that are needed to be said even if the reciever doesn’t want to hear. You are doing it for you.

Hope and willpower to find and create love, however imperfect our love is, we always achieve happiness when we love.

As the song goes:

In a lifetime
Where there’s only love
Reaching for the lonely ones.
We are stronger when we are given love
When we put emotions on the line
Know that we are the timeless ones…

Yet, love is no longer love when we stoop to disrespect. When sweet nothings turn to naggings, when love turns to resentment. We need to respect the person we love, their freedom, the things that makes them happy, their ideologies, their principles, their goals, their dreams, their passion for work, their hobbies, their family. We need to see them as a separate person with needs and wants and dreams because it was those principles, quaities and differences that drawn us to them.

We should accept that love and the person we love are both a miracle and a gift and they are meant to be cherished.

Thus, we might live and love without regrets.


I’ll walk into love with eyes wide open. I’ll believe in destiny and fate and that fate and destiny depends on the choices I make or the path I choose to take.

I’ll get lost in a love song. I’ll surrender and commit to love.

I’ll know what you need, what makes you cry and what makes you smile. I’ll laugh with you. I’ll always be on your side of the ring and bet against your man on the octagon just for fun. I’ll let you keep your freedom and the let you do the things that makes you happy. I’ll let you mold me a little as I do you. We’ll share the adventures of the mountain trails, sunrises, sunsets and photography. We will face life holding tight on each other because we’ll love as beautifully as the sunrise.

And I’ll find you even in the midst the crowd.#


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