Love, Unexpectedly

The skies were blue, the breeze smoothly went by while the sun shined, it was the day I’ve learned of love.

I was going through a phase I could not understand. It was very foreign for me and I was plunged into a hazy yet wonderful world for months. I resisted the idea and created a chaos within my soul.

Everything seems to be either small or big, present or past merging into this big unseen plane. It was a world I have never known before, viewed through a spectrum of light.

All were lighted by the soft rays of the morning sun, clothed by sea of clouds, flowers bloom, moon changing faces on a fast-forward motion, things were ethereal and sureal.

To use everyone’s term, I was falling in love. Yet, falling seems to be an inappropriate term because we don’t really fall in love, we feel love.


Love, I discovered is a gradual acceptance that someone was able to move my heart. I started to appreciate this person’s perception of life, of a different way of doing things. I started to be curious of this person’s day, of the activities that pre-occupied his mind, of the type of music he listens to, what moves his heart. Love is an endless curiousity.

I started to see things through his eyes and would always be left amazed at the huge difference. I started to appreciate the values he holds dear in his heart. I started to get in sync with his rhythm of living life. Love is understanding and not trying to understand love.

It is in acceptance that I was able to tame the waves of emotions washing over my being and was threatening to drown me. In the process, I started to listen and respect my feelings. I started to receive without needing to return. Love is receiving graciously.

I accepted the changes I was going through with eyes wide open. I knew for sure what it was and its consequences. When I got around to look into the depths of his eyes once more, I fully realized that it was the kindness of his soul, the warmth despite the sadness in his eyes that led me to love. Love is a gift not a miracle or even magic.

Everything returned to what I percieved as normal and I started to appreciate the small and big changes That Man and love is trying to contribute to my life. It changed me in so many good ways because I had let him influence me. Love is molding the other person as we too let them mold us in return.

Love is taking a step back when that person needs space or time for himself, of letting him do what makes him happy, of letting him enjoy his hobbies, of letting him be pre-occupied with his work, of letting him be with his friends. Love is learning to respect his freedom as a free individual, of respecting his choices and his decisions.


Loving someone had thought me to love myself more, to appreciate who I am, to not stop learning about myself and life, to stand strong on what I believe in and to share the talent God had freely given. Love is loving yourself and living your own life to the fullest.

I started living one day at a time and to be curious about the people of my everyday – may that be a friend, an acquiantance or a stranger. Love molds us to become a better version of who we were before.

May the universe and fate that conspired for us to meet, have the happiest smile on her face because the gift of love it gave will forever be cherished.#


I am sharing the songs which geared me towards acceptance, to the time I learned of love.

May you also learn a fraction of what love is through this list as you let music be your companion in search of love.

1. Somebody’s Heartbreak by Hunter Hayes
2. Ordinary Miracle by Sarah Mclachlan 3. The Day I Fell In Love by James Ingram
4. Armaggedon by Guy Sebastian
5. Art of Love by Guy Sebastian
6. Dear Life by Collin Raye
7. 6, 8, 12 by Brian McNight
8. Trying Not To Love You by Nickelback
9. I Love You This Big by Scotty McCreery
10. Invisible by Hunter Hayes
11. That Man by Kim Jong Kook
12. I Surrender by Celine Dion
13. Angels Brought Me Here by Guy Sebastian
14. I Volunteer by Collin Raye
15. Summer Came Around by Keith Urban 16. Freedom Never Cries by Five for Fighting
17. Stay by Florida Georgia Line


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