Man’s Struggle

Outside, beyond what is right and wrong, there exists a vast field. We will find each other there.



Men had and will always strive hard to provide for their love ones. They had been programmed centuries ago by their ancestors and they thrive and grow if they see the people they provide for are well-fed, happy and content.

Man, his burdens, his joy and his goal. Quezon City, Philippines l VenAP 15 February 2015
Man and his burdens l Kaliraya St., Quezon City, Philippines 15 February 2015 l VenAP

Modern society demands men to provide, to look after their families, be a productive employee, a compassionate boss, be a good father, a brave hero of the republic, a brother, a leader, a rescuer, a competitive athlete, a friend, a loving and understanding partner.

When all this repsonsibilities comes together, as human, they too will be overwhelmed and they succumb to the enticement inside their mind. Some comes out eventually when they were able to sort out and could offer solution to problems. Sadly, some don’t.

A mad man in dreadlocks ponders the wisp of memories and hunger. Quezon City, Philippines l VenAP 15 February 2015

As a daughter, a sister, a friend, a girlfriend or a wife, we should appreciate man’s struggle. His struggle to balance family, work, friends and his hobbies.

Often times, we the women of their lives takes them for granted. Their efforts gone unnoticed, their love unappreciated and sometimes, as a human, disrespected.

Salute to all men who strives hard to love.


A tribute to all Mothers who became both parents. They may never have provided much but they tried hard.


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