Second Chances

One of my professors once told me,

When opportunity knocks, grab it because it may never come your way again

Yet he forgot to add that life can also provide second chances. He found love again after his wife’s death. The gift of second chance to love.

Second chances do happen. It may come from us, from others, from fate or from the higher being we believe in. We may just need to allow it to happen and accept it as a gift.

I feel it occur for us to do the things we should have done but didn’t do. For us to say the words we never had the courage to confess, to express gratitude or forgiveness.

I now say the words “I Love You”

Words that have already left our lips can never be retrieved and acts that had already been done can not be undone. We may trash or scold ourself or regret each day but those acts and words had already been given and recieved. Second chances happen for us to redeem ourselves, a chance to forgive and ask forgiveness.

Thus second chances are gifts – more precious than any material things.#

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