A Mountaineer’s Love Story: The Resumè

Socials is a term used when mountaineers get together after a days’ hike to share stories, jokes and laughter and most mountaineers I know enjoy socials, maybe not just enjoy because for some it is one of the reasons they climb mountains. They love it.

Being a conversation lover myself, I relish those moments where everyone can enjoy a lighthearted banter. You need not bother that what you said would reach a supervisor’s ear and would later haunt you.

It’s on the rules:

.. take nothing but pictures; leave nothing but footprints…

So on a night when the stars were twinkling, a half-moon lazily hungs in the sky, dark images of pine trees dominate the horizon and the temperature slowly dropping is the perfect setting for a good story.

That night, I met a man with a love story to tell. His name is Wil.

Isn’t it unusual? Most often, the girls are the ones who tattles. Getting so kilig over their own love story, of how they met the love of their life and how attraction sizzled when their eyes met. So, it was kind of exciting and interesting to see a man getting so riled up with his own love story. I was amazed and my admiration for him as a man soared to a higher level.

Why not? His enthusiasm was contagious and its not everyday that I encounter a man so proud of his own love story.

It made me stayed longer inside the large tepee tent of Sir Migs to be able to hear the snipets of it. When I looked at Wil’s flushed face (maybe due to his large shots of empe), I knew he is a proud lover to his wife.

So how did they met?

“unang kita ko pa lang sa kanya sabi ko, may bakod na to, konkreto pa”

That was during the pre-climb meeting for a trip to Borawan Island hosted by Yabag.

Men being visual, they often fall victim to ‘first love at first sight’ but Wil’s love didn’t end at first sight. After the event, he got Kate’s number and in the next months, he sincerely made sure to know the woman behind the face that made him swoon. He woed her.

He was so upfront but because of the age gap, Kate was a little worried.

She was six years older than Wil!

They’ve been to numerous dates, endless phone calls and text messages that people do when the feeling is mutual yet that age gap is making Kate hesitate.

What did Wil do?

He sent her a resumè complete with a cover letter.

What was the content of the resumè? The information you and I usually write when applying for a job.

A resumè is our initial face that the employer sees. They rate us based on a two-page write-up that summarizes us as a professional. Capable? Qualified? Skilled? Willing to learn? One can have a glimpse of what a person did his whole life by looking at his resumè.

Where is his alma matter? Did he graduate with honors? Had a master’s degree? Age? Height? Weight? Where do he live? First job? One can even tell the personality of the applicant if you look at his objective and his work history.

And that did the trick in favor of Wil. His resumè must have been impressive enough that Kate couldn’t say “NO” so of course she said “YES”, who can argue with a man who is sincerely in love? They officially became a couple a day after Wil sent his resumè.

The 6 year gap which bothered Kate somehow vanished with the wind.

Umiiyak pa nga si Wil nung tumawag sabi niya, “sinagot na ako ni Kate”

Agot, head honcho at Yabag was all laughter when she shared the memory.

Wil and Kate said their vows in 2012, two years after that lovely Borawan event where they shared the beach, island hopped, hiked Mt. Lipatan and had a dose of rapelling.

As with married life, Wil says misunderstanding do happens but they’ll make it through because they love and respect each other.

Like Wil’s passion for mountain climbing, love burns eternal.#


2 thoughts on “A Mountaineer’s Love Story: The Resumè

  1. Ahahhaha. Eto tayo eh. Nadale din ako dati with my past 2 exes na kapwa mountaineers din. Pero sadly, our stories did not ended as it should have been. Pero I was still thankful for the experience and the maturity that came as a result. ☺ kumbaga, nag simula sa socials at natapos din sa socials. Kaya para sa kin, ung socials ang pinaka memorable na part ng journey.

    – JL


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