The Gift of Loving You

When would you know love has got you?
When the tears fall for no reason at all;
And the heart hurts like its gonna burst-
The calls stops like a streetlight that doesn’t work.

Yet, I wish I can go back to that moment,
I’ll freeze it on a frame.
Or have taken another road;
Our paths wouldn’t have crossed
Your eyes and mine wouldn’t have met.
My life would still be the same.

But fate decided, the universe conspired;
I took that path, seen the moss;
Soaked under the rain, we watched the sunlight.

I saw my own reflection in your eyes,
From then on, life was never the same again;
Despite the pain, love is a gift;
And I’ll keep on choosing you each day


2 thoughts on “The Gift of Loving You

  1. life is never really the same again :p hahaha i could have chosen another road too… but my love of climbing brought me back to where this someone dearly is… kaloka noh… cool ng mga write ups mo hahaha… i wish i could write down my emotions too… :p

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