The Low Maintenance Woman

A man who meets this kind of woman is SUPER lucky. So what are characteristics of a low maintenance woman? Let’s delve into that.

1. She is not into branded bags, clothes, shoes and make-ups.

Wow, guys if you find one such woman and you love her to bits then she’s a keeper. Do you know that a purse cost php8k+? A bag php15k+? That’s a lot of money. And anyone who owns one Kate Spade purse would want to own a Gucci bag. Damn the domino effect.

A low maintenance girl will own one or two for special occassions but she is mostly contented with being neat, clean and healthy because she knows her worth is not measured by material possessions but by who she is as a person – intelligence, wit and humor.

2. She’s flexible.

She enjoys eating at turo-turo, a road-side rucksack. Fine dining is good once in a while. If you are required to take her to fancy restaurants on every date because she can’t eat anywhere else then.. pogi, maawa ka sa wallet mo. A low maintenance girl can eat anywhere as long as she’s with you.

3. She is easy to be with.

No need for you to sit by her side to entertain her. You can introduce her to your friends or family and she can hold any conversation with them because she has her own hobbies, passion and life experiences to share.

You can go anywhere with her, too. You can discuss any topic under the sun except your ex-girlfriend. Hey, who’s interested with your ex?

4. She doesn’t purchase impulsively.

I can hear you girls, we can’t help it sometimes but a low maintenance girl will ask herself first. Is it a need? Can I afford it? Can my budget sustain it? She’ll think twice about that new jeans she saw at F21 or that new blouse at H&M.

5. She is content what she has.

Her laptop, tab, cellphone and other gadgets is good as long as it is still working just fine and suits her needs personally and professionally.

With new phones, watches, laptops coming out every after 6 months enticing customers with more powerful OS, capacity etc., a high maintenance woman will swipe her credit card for that each time. Even if she sells her old one, the depreciation for gadgets is as fast as a freefall.
Have I missed out anything? Share it on the comment box.


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