Top 5 Trail Food of Ph Mountain Climbers

Love to hike or can’t get enough of the outdoors? In between meals that comes in forever, what do most mountain climbers or trekkers eat? When finger foods are transported on a mountain trail, they are called ‘trail’ food.

I am not really sure if there is truth to this, but I’ve been with younger and older mountaineers and I feel that the latter don’t care much about trail foods. They would rather wait until they reach camp to eat or if they did care, they’ll either have something like gorp, a chocolate bar or good old candy (any type) on their pockets.

During my hike up Mt. Apo in 2014, because we were out of trail food on the 2nd day (It’s just the second day! How piggy one can get, really?!) my packed lunch became my trail food, I was eating it at every stop that one of the guys remarked “just eat it in one sitting”, hell why was he trying to tame my stomach? Didn’t he knew eating in small pieces is a strategy to fight off hunger? But anyways I didn’t listen to him.

And thus curiosity strikes, I dropped a question around and voila! this 5 came in as top trail food among the young and the old.

5. Peanut


The brand Happy peanut is most famous and like Cloud9 it has that very familiar ring and taste (just don’t watch that viral video about it).

It also doubles as a finger food during socials however despite being an antioxidant and its healthy nutrients, it also contains a lot of calories and sodium if salted.

“nagpapahina raw nang tuhod”

This is a good trail food though as it staves off between-meal hunger pangs. Eat peanuts! just remember ‘nakamamatay ang sobra’ and as long as you don’t have severe gout.

4. Apple

One apple a day makes everyday okay!


Oops! napaghalo ko ba? Because I really didn’t expect this to even make it on the list but WOW, several fellow hikers are going through the works to bring an apple on a multi-day hike. If it’s on a day hike i think its doable for me but on a multi-day? I am a bit skeptical.

Downside? It adds up weight on your pack, maybe 1 or 2 won’t make a huge difference and apples are prone to wrinkles and bugbog that you have to put it in a container inside your bag. Trail foods are meant to be handy, something you can get from your pocket and return it again after.

And who wants to share an apple with that huge bite mark? I mean it’s not meant to be shared unless you go through the hassle of cutting it up. Eating a small piece of apple always leave me wanting more.

But then again if you are a health freak or just veering towards it, apple it is. Go, carry mo yan dahil walang basagan nang trip!

3. Gorp or trail mix

I never knew it was what this mixture is called and interstingly when you see someone carrying this around, either s/he is an old-time mountaineer or he’s been with some. Old timers are more creative and has more patience, a trait a little bit lacking of the younger generation. I don’t know for some but I prefer to fill my pockets with small food which I can eat while on the go. Ung tipong bubuksan mo na lang at kakainin, straight from the pack.

According to wikipedia, gorp means ‘to eat greedily’ but also means “good old raisins and peanuts” to most trekkers.

Recipe? Just combine dried fruit, nuts and sprinkle it with some chocolate. Most use peanuts, dried grapes or raisins and nips or kung medyo sosyal ka, use M&M’s. Someone said that the perfect ratio is 1:1:0.5 or 2 peanuts, 2 raisin and 1 chocolate nips.

2. Cloud9 Chocolate Bar


Sneakers are a little bit pricey and cloud9 is an old-time favorite. It is swak on anyone’s budget and I for one loves the classic or original but today one can find several versions of it on the racks of 7-11.

Who wouldn’t love the bits and pieces of peanuts inside this chocolate bar? Or the caramel and nougat that sticks on your teeth and gilagid? Or the chocolate coating? That familiar taste which we grew up with. (Yan eh kung late 80’s ka pinanganak)

Downside? “mapapalakas ka ng inom ng tubig”

This maybe true if you eat 1 piece in one rest stop or equivalent to 2-3 pieces of its one bite version.

1. Jellyace


One fellow mountaineer guessed it right. So I guess it’s the common trail food everyone carries around.

Since its made up mostly of water it could weigh just a little bit. It compensates with its taste and it does quench thirst. The fruity flavor is also addictive and its a trail food that is easy to pass around, kindà give off that happy vibe as we are probably psychologically influenced by its common presence at every hike.

“nakaka-challenge din kasi magbukas ng jellyace”.

Right, ung tipong pudpod na kuko mo pero ayaw pa rin mabuksan at gusto mo na lang butasin ito sa gitna kaso you didn’t want to ruin the shape so pagtitiyagan mo na lang.

Jelly ace it is.


And there goes our top 5. Do you agree? Or your trail food didn’t make it on the list? Fret not as you are unique like those who responded with Lala (a chocolate bar); choc nut (I love this but not on a trail please!); brownies; fitbar, fruity flavor; sandwich; banana; candy, moniegold, sopas and other food you’ll never imagine some fellow mountain climbers put in their packs or pockets. I think the moniegold (tamarind coated with white sugar) is one good idea though.

Trail food are meant to be food-on-the-go, food that could be prepared and eaten easily. Which can fit your side pockets but could delay hunger and give you miles on the trail. Go for the healthiest, easiest and the most handiest one you can find. Just remember to bring down the trash.

Whatever trail food you bring, make sure it is sharable. Pair that with good climbing attitude, humor and corny jokes and you can be assured that your climbs will always be the best.#

Photo reference: google images


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