Look! a Girl in a Dress on Top of a Mountain

This girl rocked it last weekend when she was seen wearing a masquerade dress at the peaks of Mt. Marami and of course this caught the attention of many other trekkers who were also there.

The trek pants, dri-fit clad crowd could not help but be curious about it. After the climb, a photo found its way on a mountaineering Facebook page.


A netizen and a member of CLIMBER, Tiza Manzo Gonzales, could not resist but post a photo of her and the mysterious lady in blue gown.

So who’s the mysterious lady? We found out her name is Lilibeth who loves doing pictorials and it seems location does not deter her even if that means the rocky rock top of Mt. Marami.

I went there last summer and except from the long trek, Mt. Marami is a beauty on it’s own (read my account of that climb here) but the huddled free standing rocks with gaps in-between, were really rough to the touch.

Lilibeth shared that she had first worn a dress on top of a mountain in 2010 at the Rockies and also in Mt. Fansipan in Vietnam but she told us that her Mt. Marami climb was just a spur in the moment because of an invitational climb from a friend after a masquerade party they attended the night before.

According to her, wearing a dress on top of a mountain was just for fun and that there is no story behind it. It’s all for her love of doing pictorials.

Sorry guys, there is no hugot lines from Lilibeth but that did not derailed several male members of CLIMBER who could not resist but post their own version of hugot lines. Here is one,


The first post by Tiza got a lot of thumbs up and other reactions while the comments were a mix of ayes and nays, according to Lilibeth, most of the time she gets thumbs up and those who reacts negatively (which are mostly girls) she usually take it with a shrug or as a constructive criticism. But looking at CLIMBER page again, her trending photo encouraged several to joined the bandwagon and had posted their own.

I for one doesn’t see anything disagreeable in doing a photo session on mountains as long as it does not go beyond the creed of a mountaineer – and that includes the LNT principle. I myself is skeptical and could not bear the thoughts of the hassle and the sacrifices one needs to go through because if I can, I want to pack light on my hikes.

But I guess we need not worry as Lilibeth considers herself a mountaineer – although she admits to being afraid of heights and that includes riding a Ferris wheel, we hope her future mountain pictorials will depict the beauty of the mountain we all so love but still strives to preserve it.

What does her friends doesn’t know about her that she told us? She loves collecting frog stuffed toys and although she is single but not really looking for love, for those who are looking and wants to befriend her I guess a cuddly frog stuffed toy wouldn’t hurt.

Below are photos of Lilibeth during her mini pictorial at Mt. Marami which she generously shared to us.



9 thoughts on “Look! a Girl in a Dress on Top of a Mountain

    1. Your such a tease Jayson Thadz! can’t bear the thought of the hassle unless its a pre-nup photos! (I’ll probably go gaga over if it is). Instead, I’ll vote for you to do it too!


  1. Seems like that’s becoming a trend. I often see photos like that in mountain climbing groups and in my dash. Looks fun! I might do that in the future haha.


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