Take a Sneak Peak Into the Survival Kit of a Bushcraft Master


Of course we girls always wants to see what Cara Delevingne carries inside her tote bag and in the mountaineering community, we too are curious on what are inside the survival kit of a bushcraft master like Jing Levilles de Egurrola. But before we dig into his survival kit, let’s get to know a bit of the advocate of bushcraft.

Sir Jing is a staunch bushcraft advocate and practitioner based in Cebu and is a skilled mountain guide. He is the only known lecturer of the skill in the country with a systematic and refined approach. Based on his profile, he had been accepting students from here and abroad to teach tropical bushcrafting. Of course you can always learn bushcrafting but if you are like me, who belong to a tribal community and had lived my childhood years in the Cordillera, you’ll sure to pick up a skill or two. But if you’ve live in a city all throughout your life, he is the guy who can teach you the necessary skills.

I did a little snooping into his profile and was ecstatic to find he also enjoy Tom Clancy’s novels, that got me beaming literally. As a hardcore fun of Tom Clancy, anyone who reads or read even one of my favorites – The Patriot Games and Executive Order, I automatically likes them.

On his movie list, you could guess Sir Jing likes Indiana Jones but it was nice to see he also watched Azumi (one of my favorite Japanese movie adaptation of a manga series) and like everyone of us, wrote Lord of the Rings as a favorite too.

And it turned out he too listens to the music of U2, Evanescence, Led Zeppelin and the likes. For a moment I thought I would find Goran Brojevik’s name on his list but instead a certain Eumir Deodato who’s into jazz was in it, ever heard of him? I never did but I think I’ll check his music out.

It doesn’t interest me
how old you are.
I want to know
if you will risk
looking like a fool
for love
for your dream
for the adventure of being alive.

The Invitation by Oriah

When you meet Sir Jing in person, he would remind you of an amiable master who could be both strict and softhearted ready to train a Ninja out to save the world. One of the participants of the wilderness Survival Course told me he sounded strict when conversing behind a computer screen yet he found out Sir Jing has a sense of humor, kind and is a very fatherly type.

Sir Jing do speak softly yet his voice is laced with the strong passion for his craft. The excitement he feels talking about bushcraft could leap out from his eyes that it makes you want to listen to him more. So, did I prick your curiosity about the man? Let’s start digging inside his survival kit now.


His medical kit contains different types of medicines for headache, stomach pain etc. These are packed inside a watertight bag and waterproofed by a plastic bag as shown on the photos.


Inside this green box below are an array of items that includes a magnifying glass, chemlight, power bank, sewing kit, a multi-purpose foldable tool kit, pen light, compass, a disc (found inside a computer) that can serve as a signaling device, silicon, waterproof matches, windproof matches etc.


A sewing kit and his multi-purpose tool kit;


Even a bushcraft master who relies on natural navigation like terrain, shadows etc. also does have a compass on his kit survival kit. Do you have one?


The group surrounding the master all laughed when he pointed out the packet shown on the photo below, well that is a condom. I know you guys are starting to smile, but aside from what you are thinking and according to backpacker.com there are exactly 10 uses of a condom in the mountains, learn what those are by watching the video here (it’s alright girl, it ain’t porn) and I guess it really is right that a bushcraft master do carry one as you can also use it to nail a fish.


Emergency blanket is seen here on below photo packed in an orange colored tote and wrapped again in a plastic bag to waterproof it. A must on your survival kit, you can find one at any hardware stores like Ace or Lagalag at SM North, Basekamp at Trinoma and other gear shops.


A roll of fabric that can be use as gauze to stem blood or as a tourniquet.


Anti mosquito patch!


And lastly, a net bag where packets of sauce (from different fast food), teas and coffees are kept.


There goes the Trailhawk’s survival kit. Does it resembles yours? I for one needs to upgrade mine.


Thank you sir Jing for letting us see your survival kit. To read about his blogs you can check out Warrior Pilgrimage. For any factual erros or personal comments, contact me at phmountainstories@gmail.com


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