Girl in a Dress Climbs Mt. Lubog

The girl in a dress we featured previously did it again (read her previous photo pictorial on top of Mt. Marami) and this time, she climbed Mt. Lubog.

Mt. Lubog stands at 900+ masl and located at Rodriguez, Rizal and offers the view of the Sierra Madre. However, the mountain is known for its rocky mountain top. How Lilibeth managed in her high heels is just pure “tiis-ganda”.

How she conceptualized the type of dress depends on the mountain she climbs.

“naiisip ko lang po talga siya based sa ganda ng bundok, background and color and honestly speaking mahilig po ako mag design ng sarili kong damit”

Looks like we will still be seeing lots of her pictorials for the year as she vows she’ll design a dress for each of the mountain she’ll be climbing for 2016.

Her February escapade would give us a Japanese costume ala cosplay but for now let’s check out her Mt. Lubog photos.



12665792_10208233811424851_1101339614_n (1)12660396_10208233809184795_47925868_n


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