Experiencing D2K

Rommel is one of the people I’ve met while doing mountain climbing and recently he just became a dad (Congratulations!).

Confessing to “medyo mahirap nang magpaalam ngayon” he is now one of those young fathers trying to juggle his home life, work and his love for mountain climbing.

After securing “visa” from work and home, he climbed Mt. Dulang-dulang doing a traverse from Mt. Kitanglad with several climbing buddies at work (Eagle Cement) to include Raffy, also a friend I met during a trilogy hike in Rizal and Joseph I climbed with in Mt. Kanlaon. The trek was led by a mountain enthusiast Miguel Mapalad of Yabag Mountaineering.

Considered as the 2nd highest and one of the beautiful mountains in the archipelago, Mt. Dulang-dulang or famously known at D2 is at elevation 9,649ft. and is one of ultimate hike for Filipino mountaineers.

The usual itinerary includes traversing via Mt. Kitanglad which is considered as the 4th highest, thus the term D2K was coined.

“Mahirap ang Mt. Kitanglad, more of assault talaga.Tapos nung pababa na kami papunta nang D2, sa tingin ko almost 90° ata na pababa kaya gumamit kami nang lubid. Tapos dalawang oras na four wheel. Talagang kamay at paa ang pagakyat, hawak sa mga ugat-ugat”

(The climb up Mt. Kitanglad was really difficult. More of assault. When we were going down from it to traverse ro Mt. Dulang-dulang, I think it is an almost 90° descent so we had to use rope. And then two hours of assault using both hands and feet to grab on roots as handholds)

Because of it’s distance and trail difficulty, these beauties in Mindanao are considered as major hikes. Considering these factors, the usual fee charged to hikers by climb organizers ranges at php5,000 to php5,500 which includes all government fees, fare in getting around, accommodation at the foot of D2, guide fee, group porter, logistics and other perks. Since the fee excludes airfare, most mountain climbers share on the food expenses to save.

Below are several photos Rommel shared to us.


At the top of Mt. Dulang-dulang

Sea of Clouds
Climbing buddies from Eagle Cement
Enjoying the waterfalls
Side trip at White Island, Camiguin

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