Jersey for a Cause: An Everest Summiteers’ PET Project

A mountaineer’s life does not stop after reaching the summit of Everest because for Regie Pablo, it only spurred his advocacy for the environment, indigenous people and the responsible use of the outdoors.

Revolve, a company founded by Pablo after his successful attempt of Everest, launched its newest product and aptly named it Hibla ng Lahi ActiveWear Jersey to celebrate and showcase the country’s beautiful indigenous weave designs breathed to life by Ehm Serrano, a graphic artist for telecommunications company, Globe.

Serrano’s design features weaving patterns from Cordillera, Iloilo and Southern Mindanao.

Revolve is the country’s first and only manufacturer of sports apparel made from recycled polyethelene terephthalate (PET) bottles since 2008 by using the fabric material from the recycled products.

Usually at the bottom of plastic bottles or containers, inside the universal recycling symbol, one can find the number 1 written which stands for PET.

Revolve’s clients includes Globe, ABS-CBN, Accenture, Coca-cola Philippines, Dela Salle University, Smart among others by providing singlets, dri-fit shirts etc. used during company fun runs and other environmental activity initiatives.

From his 2011’s interview with Philstar’s Eden Estopace, Pablo discussed the process of converting the bottles into threads.

“Junk shops collect them, remove the cap, and undergoes a process to produce PET flakes, which are then exported to China and undergoes another chemical process that eventually turns them into threads that are woven into fabrics”

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The Jersey

Designed for the outdoors, the jersey was conceptualized to fit the lifestyle of people who are looking to up their outdoor experience and performance may that be in trail running, mountain biking, hiking, kayaking, rock climbing or any other adventure sports.

wp-1470709323498.jpegThe jersey is lightweight, offers a comfortable fit and a breathable construction that wicks away moisture and dries quickly. Wicking being the ability to draw sweat away from the skin.

According to Chistopher C. Eyao who tested the jersey, “The clothing is very cool and comfortable and it uses a YKK zipper which is amazing because only a few uses it”.

Eyao who recently won first place in his age category during the recently concluded Cobra Ironman 70.3 2016 says that the type of design is good for mountain bikers, fun riders and trekkers. During triathlon competitions, athletes has to use their fitted jerseys but he would be happy to use the Hibla ng Lahi jersey during race briefings and awards night.

A Jersey for a Cause

According to Pablo, the project is aimed to raise awareness on the beauty of our cultural heritage, contribute in ensuring the continuity of these national treasures and raise funds for indigenous community while promoting environment friendly fabrics.

During the conceptualization of the project, Pablo was introduced to the Daraghuyan-Bukidnon community who are located at the foot of Mt. Dulang-dulang in Bukidnon by the Anthill Fabric Gallery.

Anthill Fabric Gallery is a social enterprise working on the preservation and promotion of our local weaves and had been helping the Daraghuyan-Bukidnon community.

A part of the sales from the jersey will fund additional practice looms and some improvement in the community’s weaving center to facilitate the Master & Apprenticeship Skills Training program in the community.

For the delivery service, Pablo collaborated with Greenmail, an ecofriendly courier service that uses bicycle for its mode of transport.

Pablo was conferred with the name “Apo Pinakhud” as the adopted son of Moyoyao, Ifugao hence his desire to showcase the indigenous patterns of the different tribes of the country.


Want to place an order? You can at 0947 875 9907 or visit their facebook page.


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