Mountaineering Gift Ideas

I love receiving gifts and I am sure you and your love ones do too. What perfect way to show you support their passion for hiking but by giving them a gift they can use? Or maybe you’ve been thinking of rewarding yourself for a job well done this year, give yourself a treat!

However, choosing one can be hard but there is no need to wrack your brains on what gift to buy this holiday season because I’ve got you covered!

Here are a few gift ideas that I have checked out JUST for YOU and I am sure at the end of this post, you would already have an idea what to wrap for your love ones birthday, anniversary or on Christmas .


This is one of the basic essentials for those who are fond of camping. What better gift for a love one than the gift of comfort even if they are away from home? But you can’t just pick-up one at a gear shop you found at the mall and wrap it. Of course there are several features we need to consider like weight, dimension and pack size.

We checked out one sleeping pad that caught our attention, the Static V2. Aside from being lightweight, Klymit Static V2 is comfortable and doesn’t occupy much space inside the pack, this sleeping pad is stylish but provides the comfort you or your love one needs.




Weight: 16.33 oz / 463 grams
Dimensions: 72″ x 23″ x 2.5″ / 183 cm x 59 cm x 6.5 cm
Inflation: 10-15 Breaths
Thermal resistance (R-Value): 1.3
Pack Size: 3″ x 8″ / 7.62 cm
x 20.3 cm
Fabric: 30D Polyyester Top, 75D Polyester Bottom

Buy now: php 2,900+ shipping fee

Pinoy Outdoor Gears at 0917 551 7832 or drop a message at for other hiking gears. You can also visit their facebook page, Pinoy OutdoorGears


Why should you gift a lantern instead of a headlamp or a flashlight? A headlamp is of course one of the basic gear a camper or hiker should pack but both the flashlight and headlamp are designed for individual use. When cooking meals in the dark, a camping lantern would be a great help because its reach is wider and it’s flexible! Should you experience electricity interruption, you’ll have something that is readily on hand that gives light much better than candles.

However, some hikers would think twice before packing a lantern because most lanterns that can be found in the market are bulky! That dilemma was solved by the LuminAID PackLite 12 lantern because it is lightweight and inflatable at just an affordable price.



  • solar powered
  • packable (just 4” x 4” x 0.5″ deflated/ flat and 4” x 4” x 4” when inflated)
  • lightweight (3.5 oz or 99 grams)
  • bright (45 lumens on high)
  • inflatable
  • waterproof
  • buoyant (floats in water)
  • storable for 1.5 years without needing an extra charge
  • good for up to 12 hours of light on low
  • perfect for emergency situations with the flash setting

Buy now: php 1,000.00 + shipping fee

Derek’s Classic Blade Exchange, Dereck Manuel (033)320-3833
Iloilo City, Philippines (shipping nationwide)


Matchsticks may seem outdated because of the introduction of fire starters but having them would feel like having life insurance BUT these slim sticks can ran the risk of getting wet so we have checked out one of the best match case where you can store your matchsticks for emergencies.

The Maratac Match Case has a simple design with an O ring which will keep your matchsticks nice and dry. Since it is made of brass, it helps put off any corrosion so is great around salt water and will eventually develop a patina that shows a graceful age.

But wait, here is its best feature yet! The case has a built-in button compass located on the bottom showing Cardinal directions or as well as Primary InterCardinal Directions. Lost? this small case will always find the way.

Buy now: Php 2,050.00 + shipping fee

Derek’s Classic Blade Exchange, Dereck Manuel (033)320-3833
Iloilo City, Philippines (shipping nationwide)


Arkansas Stone

Stone is the classic way to sharpen a knife and if you or your love one is an enthusiast, you may want to keep a stone to keep your blades sharpened at all times.

The Arkansas Stone is the best friend of those who are into lightweight with its size being around 4″ x 1″ and because they are handmade, the product also comes with a handcrafted wooden box. Mined from the Ouachita mountains in the state of Arkansas, they are made of a mineral called novaculite which had been used as whetstone for a long time.

Of course it is versatile too and can’t only be used in the mountains but also at home for cooking knives as it is suitable for repairing damaged edges and establishing an edge for your neglected knives and tools. From reviews, knife enthusiast says the fine edge from an Arkansas Stone is difficult to match.

Buy now: Php 75.00 + shipping fee

Derek’s Classic Blade Exchange, Dereck Manuel (033)320-3833
Iloilo City, Philippines (shipping nationwide)


A good knife is an essential tool for mountaineers and owning one especially if it’s a Victorinox is a big Wow! But why a pocket knife? Generally, a pocket knife is something that you can use in many ways. Mine was an old one but its many usage is endless!

Presenting the Victorinox Farmer with a 2.85″ blade and 2.5″ cutting edge. It comes with a handle made of a red alox (short for aluminum oxide) which provides more strength in grip.

According to Dereck Manuel, a knife enthusiast, the tools on the Farmer are thicker and the pivots are stronger than on the 91mm line. The reamer on these make an excellent striker for a Ferrocerium Rod. Contains: Main Blade, Reamer, Wood Saw, Can Opener, Bottle Opener, Small Flathead Screwdriver, Large Flathead Screwdriver, Wire Stripper and Key ring

Buy now: Php 1,950.00 + shipping fee

Derek’s Classic Blade Exchange, Dereck Manuel (033)320-3833
Iloilo City, Philippines (shipping nationwide)



I recommend every adventurer (or wannabe) to own one!

Although I often see some trekkers dressed to the nines wearing what we call a paracord bracelet, some with integrated compass or buckle, do they even know what are its uses? Maybe they do or maybe they don’t other than it being a superb fashion accessory. OutdoorLife listed 10 uses – as a trap if you should be in a situation where you need to hunt for your own food, belt or shoelace, tourniquet, splint and many more.

According to Rj Fabella, a rope enthusiast, the parachute cord or known as paracord is a rope made from lightweight nylon kernmantle. Does it sound mandarin to you? It does to me too. In layman’s term, it is a rope constructed with a core or called kern and this is protected by an exterior rope (mantle), this time woven to improve strength, durability and flexibility. But don’t worry as its strength, durability and flexibility was already proven, it is the same nylon cord that is being used in parachutes since WWII.

Here comes the challenge, identifying the authenticity of the ropes being used by the maker so we have checked out Custom 550 Paracords and they do look superb and stylish! Oh, btw he uses the standard 550 (4mm) and nano (1mm) so you need not worry and his reputation do speak for itself.

Own one that is customized – it can be a bracelet, a camera strap or edc laces!



Jeez, I almost forgot, they have a holiday offer and is valid until 31 December 2016.

Php 100.00 OFF the total price for purchases at least P500!

Php 200.00 OFF the total price for purchases at least P1000!
Php 300.00 OFF the total price for purchases at least P1500!

You can choose from the designs we have posted or they can customize the design you want, ain’t that awesome! Since prices varies depending on the design (php200 – php1,000), you can chat them up at Custom 550 Paracords or you can call/text/viber Rj Fabella at 0925-715-0208.


That ends our gift ideas for 2016. Was I able to help you out? I hope I did and should you have any gift ideas you want me to feature, you can leave it on the comment box or send me a message on facebook, would love to hear from you!

Special Mention:

Derek’s Classic Blade Exchange, Dereck Manuel (033)320-3833 is one of the avid supporters and donors of Cebu Highland Trail trail blazed by no other than the master of bushcraft and wilderness survival, Sir Jing Egurrola. Buying from him would mean support for CHT but should you want to personally donate and support CHT, you can contact Sir Jing at 0917 203 5101 and 0933 322 5005 or drop me a message.


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