Samar’s Awesome Tarangban Falls


We hiked for maybe 20-30 minutes on a muddy trail with an army of mosquitoes following behind us as we delve deeper into coconut plantations, following the sound of flowing water. Thankfully, I was wearing hiking shoes, lightweight and water friendly because the rocks were slippery and the trail muddy.

When we navigated around a bend and came face to face with the falls, everyone’s mouth went wide open. We expected just a singular drop, nothing about the scale of what came into view.

It was like seeing your lover’s body for the first time, that kind of wow! in capital letters.

Huge, wide and the surface of the water glinting against the sun. The water flowing in turbulence was enough to persuade us to wade in.

How to get there, fees and when to go

tarangban-fallsFrom Manilathere is a direct flight from NAIA to Calbayog City via Philippine Airlines

From Calbayog City: ride a van or jeepney from Calbayog City plying the route then ask the driver to drop you off at Brgy. Tinaplacan for Tarangban Falls. Fare is around php40 but if you will opt for a habal-habal it may cost you around php200-ph250.

Once there, you will register and a guide will accompany you for the 20-30 minutes hike of muddy trail and slippery rocks depending on the season. Fee for the guide is php 200 depending on how many are you in a group. The good thing is, they haven’t been infected yet by the guide and participant ratio being observed in Luzon.

Best months to go? rainy season. This is to enjoy the vast expanse of cascading water.

What to wear and bring

  • Easy to dry hiking shoes like Sandugo or Merrell or flip-flops with minimum traction like Teva flip-flops
  • Mosquito repellent
  • Board shorts or quick dry swim wear
  • Dry bag for your gadgets
  • Camera
  • Food and water

Note: Please don’t use detergent, soap or shampoo at the falls.

After Tarangban falls, you can check out Bangon falls just a few kilometers from where Tarangban is.


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