Kindness on the Trail


Some people extend help in the hope that when they would be the one in need, they would have somebody to ask help from.

Some extend their hands to others because they want to feel good about themselves or they felt the person asking for help is both a burden and a responsibility.

Some select people give kindness just because.

Are these motivations wrong? You be the judge.

I was used to the first and second that I became wary of kindness until a person I met on the trail changed my mind. I am sharing this from two years ago because looking back at it made me remember that another warm soul crossed my path to teach me a beautiful remembrance.

“Pag limatik usually alcohol katapat nyan” and he knelt and gave the leech a spray.

“Filtered yung water, baka kasi sumakit tyan mo”
“Matagal na rin akong umaakyat, nag-start ako college pa. Pre-climb ko dapat ‘to para sa Mount Fuji kaso mas mahirap yata tong trail”

When the team was caught during the descent by night, we were forced to an unscheduled night trek on one of the country’s most difficult hiking trail, double since it had rained and the trail was slippery at some parts.

One member of the team gave up his headlamp for my use, he had only one – after mine got busted and became useless because we used it as a tent lamp the night before and even used my spare batteries, without any second thoughts.

He might have regretted giving it up when the going got tougher and the night got darker but he never said a word. We ended sharing the beam of light under the veil of darkness and luckily he has those hi-tech ones. We both survived, everyone on the team did.

He became my angel sans the wings, defying human instinct of self-preservation.

Kindness, however random they are given, are still kindness at its purest. Both the giver and receiver are taught a lesson and when kindness is allowed to change our way of life, it starts a chain reaction.


As a human, sometimes I forget where it all started.


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