2016 In Retrospect: CAMBODIA

After traveling from Saigon and passing by Phnom Penh because it was not included in the itinerary, our backpacking team arrived in Siem Reap late.

We were greeted with a contagious energy at Pub Street and I love their pop-up bars where you can buy a shot of any type of hard liquor paired with mint and lime, price starts at 2USD. Aside from the food hubs, the street is also lined with bars!


And then the sprawling temples of Angkor Wat. A manifestation of how the Khmers were devoted to their god-kings and each tried hard to outshine their predecessors. There were a lot of the markings, drawing and symbols inside the temples.

Sitting at hectares and hectares of land, the temples boast of majestic and medieval facades. Some are in repair but the overall temple experience was educational, awesome and tiring. If you are going to Cambodia and planning to check out the temples, better allot 2 days to really appreciate the temples.

Let’s check out some of my snaps during the trip…




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