My List: 20 Top Korean Drama


For people close to me, they probably knew of my penchant for Korean dramas (I have two boxes of cd’s at home lol). At one point in the past seven years, I even decided to enroll in a Korean language class but thanks to language apps, I’ve learned a thing or two greetings aside from those I’ve picked up from watching K-drama without spending some bucks.

Why, when English series are good? I’m not gonna go into the difference of American or British series versus Korean series because it’s a different ballgame and I have my own favorites too like Prison Break which will have a new season this April. Korean drama and movies has its own magic potion, a lot of their movies are brilliant like Old Boy. Once you get hooked, it’s an addiction you wouldn’t want treated.


Love is universal…ayieee!

This drama delved into same sex relationships in a time when it was taboo to talk about it. My ever favorite cross-dressing drama and I could never forget the moment they kissed and that song was playing in the background..(me melting into a puddle!) and that’s when I’ve become a huge fan of Eun Yoon Hye notwithstanding of course her being cute in Goong / Princess Hours.



It kept me on the edge literally and this will always be my favorite historical Korean drama. The cast were awesome, perfect in their roles and the writers were superb with the plot twists and endless mind games. This is the drama where I have become a fan of Lee Yo Won, classic.

Queen Seon Deok.jpg

MY GIRL (2005)

Who can forget the witty, house-sneaking, juice maker heroin with a lot of trick up her sleeves? This drama was all about laughter, fun and Lee Jun-Ki’s slanted eyes! This is where I’ve become smitten with Lee Jun-ki that I backtracked and watched all his movies including his most acclaimed movie to date – The King and the Clown, you should watch that too.


IRIS (2009)

Action packed scenes because well, it’s Lee Byung Hoon of G.I. Joe and the bad-ass Kim So-yeon. She totally shed her rom-com aura from Prosecutor Princess and Dr. Champ. If you like conspiracy type of plots, this was well executed and a good watch. Agree for those who marathon-ed it?



We’ve got one fashion conscious heroin who learns about lawyer-ing while staying fab and you just can’t help but fall in love with her.



Trained to be an assassin in the depths of the golden triangle he returned to avenge the death of his father but he turned out to be an assassin with a heart and that’s how Lee Min-ho got a lot of fans post Boys Over Flower dr-u-mm well aside from his looks of course (keke)



My best ever soul exchange drama. Hyun Bin and Ha Ji Won nailed the chemistry! She is the epitome of bad-assery..


ANSWER ME 1997 (2012)

Talks of nostalgic past, my era less the idol (Korean slang for boy bands) and the Olympics, mine was american/british/canadian boy bands, the rest was part of my growing up years. Lots of laugh, fun and awesomeness!



Fun and most parts discusses the quirky side of being into a romantic relationship. A must-watch!



Humanizing the founder of the most important era in Korean history who was known as a ruthless leader – his transition from being a boy into a man then as a king. How his dream changed the course of history – he took lives and blood was spilled but he laid the foundation of an era. Also, thanks to him, he ushered Korea’s greatest monarch who would invent the Korean alphabet being used now.

This 50 episode of a drama never faltered, it delivered and reminded me of one of my favorites too, Tree with deep roots.



What’s with the title? I dunno, sounds like a song though but let’s go back to the fun side of dramas with a narcissistic hero with an artificial heart and I thought this guy is pure bad-ass, he isn’t.


TWO WEEKS (2013)

When you’ve got two weeks to save your daughter’s life, what would you do? One of the best of Lee Jun-ki.



The greatest monarch on Korean history who invented or allowed such and such and such to flourish like astronomy, agriculture etc. It was in his watch that the Korean alphabet was introduced, defying the scholars in their belief that knowledge should be limited to them as the masses wouldn’t know how to use it. All hail Dae-hwang Saejong!



The time travelling intelligent scholar with his adorable height and impish smile and a heroin with her simple yet adorable ideas. My perfect kind of rom-com!


GHOST (2012)

Battling virus, hacker and bad guys!



Solving deaths, murders and vampire issues by drinking the victim’s blood, gross? Not if you are a vampire and a prosecutor. Vamped, vamped and vamped!



Taking a lot of hearts with those six-pack abs! and the view of Navagio beach in Zakynthos Island, Greece is a travel goal



Love the cast. Yoo Ah In’s mane of glory, Joong-ki’s playful and colorful character against that of Yoo-chun’s awkward acting but went well with his character and this is one of the best act I’ve seen Park Min-young.


NINE (2013)

If you are to live for three months and can go back nine times what part in your past will you change?


SIGNAL (2016)

One of my favorite heroins paired with an awesome story and I get to see Lee Je-hoon in every scene! Double daebak…



The list is not arranged and my genre is diverse – political, historical, rom-com to suspense because as long as it keeps me on the edge, witty, fun, the story is good paired with vivid scenes then count me in the bandwagon!

Have you watched it all? If not, then treat this list as a recommendation from an addict. There are a lot which was not included in this list like Tree With Deep Roots, Chuno, Dr. Champ, Shining Inheritance, Missing You, Dong Yi, Misaeng, Princess Hours, Mrs. Cop, My Daughter Seo Yeong and a lot more but I had to limit it to twenty, imagine the effort to restrain myself…

Happy watching!


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