LOOK! An All-Filipino Team to Climb Mt. Pangarchulla

Seven Filipinos are training for a Mt. Pangarchulla climb.

I could very well hear your thoughts, never heard. Yes, I too never heard of this mountain until Miguel “Migz” Mapalad of Yabag Mountaineering mentioned it. A google search gave me some local climb organizers’ sketchy description of the said mountain but it was all thanks too to Google that Migz found this hiking destination in India and with the help of several overseas contacts, he was able to arrange the logistics needed. What was supposedly a birthday gift of Migz to his partner Agot Comia turned out to be a 7-man team composed of 3 men and 4 women.

Mt. Pangarchulla is located in Uttarakhand, a state that can be found north of India. The mountain stands at 14,700 feet or 4480 meters above sea level and although the trek is categorized by Indian trekkers as moderate to difficult, for tropical climbers it could be a different story.

What makes it unique from any other climbs Migz had undertaken and put together? Well, it would be the first All-Filipino team to bid and hopefully reach the peak and added to the challenge is that the team will be climbing unsupported by any local climb organizer.

According to a local organizer’s website, the allure of hiking Mt. Pangarchulla would be the constantly changing landscape; from meadows to oak forest to grasslands and if timed right, a vista of colorful  rhododendrons during the spring. Check this video by Indiahikes to learn more about it.

We will be featuring their climb which will commence on 08-25 April 2017 providing updates on their whereabouts, photos and activities. You can follow me on Facebook or Yabag’s official Facebook account.

So, let us sound the drum and know what are the fears and expectations from the rest of the team.


“Maging successful, masaya, walang magiging problema, good weather at safe ang bawat isa” ~Berloy Banac


  “For me as a first timer, I expect this climb to be a challenging one with a need to adapt myself with higher elevation and different environment. I also expect to see the best views of the place, to have a glimpse of their culture and taste their cuisine” ~ Charity Alipopo


“I have monthly climbs and mostly ang training is to ready our bodies sa lamig, pitching tents and carrying of load. Considering the duration of the trek, we chose easy to prepare meals to lessen the load. My biggest challenge would lie there as I have Scoliosis. I jog carrying the weight assigned to me to train my spine, of course I also consulted a specialist” ~ Rhoda Baquiran


“Actually hindi pa nagsi-sink in sa akin yung climb but I am expecting na magiging challenging ito kasi wala kami guide and porter. Lahat kami first time aakyat dito and based on research lang pero I’m confident na magiging successful yung climb dahil sa best effort na ibibigay ng bawat isa sa grupo” ~ Julie Ann Francisco


“I expect this climb to be a more challenging one. Different with the other mountains I climbed. Different environment, higher altitude, and doing it without the usual support of trail guides” ~James Dagas Jr.


We wish the team a good experience, fair weather and the courage to be able to make good judgments when needed. Should you wish to be part of this climb and sponsor the team, you can keep in touch with Miguel Mapalad at (+63)905 268 8275. The team will proudly bring your company’s banner and logo together with the Philippine flag at the summit of Mt. Pangarchulla.

 Do you have a story to tell? Let’s collaborate, just drop me a message on Facebook.

Note: All photos are credits to Arnel Vergara and Miguel Mapalad.


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