Mt. Bromo: A Rumbling Beast

The sun was setting over the mountains in the distance and the golden beams created a beautiful visual - both mesmerizing and eerie. This is the view that attracts  thousands of visitors each year to this remote place in Indonesia. I was sent a photo of Mt. Bromo two years ago and I said "wow, it … Continue reading Mt. Bromo: A Rumbling Beast


A Couple Hike and Travel, Together

Adventuring with a significant other has its ups and downs and I often advice couples I know to try travelling together or climbing a few mountains together before deciding the other person is the "One". Why? Because you'll learn more of your partner's strength, weaknesses, coping strategies, wants, ideologies and principles in life during a … Continue reading A Couple Hike and Travel, Together

My List: 20 Top Korean Drama

For people close to me, they probably knew of my penchant for Korean dramas (I have two boxes of cd's at home lol). At one point in the past seven years, I even decided to enroll in a Korean language class but thanks to language apps, I've learned a thing or two greetings aside from … Continue reading My List: 20 Top Korean Drama