My List: 20 Top Korean Drama

For people close to me, they probably knew of my penchant for Korean dramas (I have two boxes of cd's at home lol). At one point in the past seven years, I even decided to enroll in a Korean language class but thanks to language apps, I've learned a thing or two greetings aside from … Continue reading My List: 20 Top Korean Drama

The Low Maintenance Woman

A man who meets this kind of woman is SUPER lucky. So what are characteristics of a low maintenance woman? Let's delve into that. 1. She is not into branded bags, clothes, shoes and make-ups. Wow, guys if you find one such woman and you love her to bits then she's a keeper. Do you … Continue reading The Low Maintenance Woman

Playmate: The Lost Little Girl

Memories are two-edged sword. It's who we are. And yet there are also memories, if we can, we would choose to forget I knew this little girl from my childhood. We grew up together, starting from when she came home to the little barrio in the mountains where we knew each other and became friends. … Continue reading Playmate: The Lost Little Girl