Tent Under The Rain

On a dark night, When the cicadas are all I hear; The sound of the rain on my tent, As it buoys me to sleep like a lullaby. When the wind that comes with the rain, Above my head it softly rustles the leaves back and forth- I'll yearn for the warmth of your hand. … Continue reading Tent Under The Rain


The Gift of Loving You

When would you know love has got you? When the tears fall for no reason at all; And the heart hurts like its gonna burst- The calls stops like a streetlight that doesn't work. Yet, I wish I can go back to that moment, I'll freeze it on a frame. Or have taken another road; … Continue reading The Gift of Loving You

One Man

You are important to me And I am curious of your everyday. The interesting sights you saw. The funny experience on your way, Because when the share stops, I can feel my heart, inching away. I have to decide each day To love or not to love you.#



Stop light turning green Bus to come Rain to stop Phone to ring Sun to set Food be served Truth be told Crimes be solved Love transform Moon to rise Stars to glow You be home Heart in peace.#


Love Letter

I think of love And I think of you When night comes and time to bed My thoughts are of you On some sleepless nights I compose a long love letter and a love song Comes morning when light permiates Those words disappeared You become the zahir That occupies my being Its voluntarily And all … Continue reading Love Letter


If I Were You

I stood there savoring the sun You look out on the landscape beyond When our gaze met, the world stopped for a second If I were you and you were me We would fall in love. If I were you I'll take that one time chance Travel this earth hand in hand Live life for … Continue reading If I Were You


Prison Archipelago

(Published in The Marian, Saint Mary's University Student Publication) Oh! slaves of the nation who works and sweat tired and restless they flee overseas flee to the arms of the wealthy on flesh they feast or the dungeons of death brought home on a casket compatriots left behind imprisoned in total darkness eyes open wide … Continue reading Prison Archipelago