My List: 20 Top Korean Drama

For people close to me, they probably knew of my penchant for Korean dramas (I have two boxes of cd's at home lol). At one point in the past seven years, I even decided to enroll in a Korean language class but thanks to language apps, I've learned a thing or two greetings aside from … Continue reading My List: 20 Top Korean Drama

2016 In Retrospect: MT. KINABALU

I reached Mt. Kinabalu's Lowe's Peak at around quarter to 7am, meeting several of my (fast) team mates who were already going down.  I looked at my watch thinking I need to make the cut-off time at Sayat-sayat for the Ferrata, so I have an hour to get down to km7 or known as the … Continue reading 2016 In Retrospect: MT. KINABALU

2016 In Retrospect: THAILAND

Exotic That's one way to describe Thailand other than of course their penchant for white skin, exotic food comes easily to mind then the images of skewered scorpions and fried bamboo worms, water bugs, grasshoppers comes next, like a slow motion. Then the floating markets this country is known for which I definitely enjoyed. After the … Continue reading 2016 In Retrospect: THAILAND