Returning to Everest

In 2007, Regie Pablo successfully ascended Mt. Everest and to commemorate one of the monumental events of his life, he is back on the mountain with a thankful heart. After writing his success story, I can say it is one of my most emotional piece to date and you can read it here, I was … Continue reading Returning to Everest


LOOK! An All-Filipino Team to Climb Mt. Pangarchulla

Seven Filipinos are training for a Mt. Pangarchulla climb. I could very well hear your thoughts, never heard. Yes, I too never┬áheard of this mountain until Miguel "Migz" Mapalad of Yabag Mountaineering mentioned it. A google search gave me┬ásome local climb organizers' sketchy description of the said mountain but it was all thanks too to … Continue reading LOOK! An All-Filipino Team to Climb Mt. Pangarchulla

Thru-Hiking the Cebu Highlands Trail

IT IS NOW DONE! We have written about the Cebu Highlands Trail a year ago, a new hiking trail that will allow hikers to experience hiking the whole of Cebu from North to South or vice versa. Getting an inspiration from the famous Appalachian Trail and the Pacific Crest Trail of the United States, the CHT is … Continue reading Thru-Hiking the Cebu Highlands Trail