2016 In Retrospect: THAILAND

Exotic That's one way to describe Thailand other than of course their penchant for white skin, exotic food comes easily to mind then the images of skewered scorpions and fried bamboo worms, water bugs, grasshoppers comes next, like a slow motion. Then the floating markets this country is known for which┬áI definitely enjoyed. After the … Continue reading 2016 In Retrospect: THAILAND

2016 In Retrospect: CAMBODIA

After traveling from Saigon and passing by Phnom Penh because it was not included in the itinerary, our backpacking team arrived in Siem Reap late. We were greeted with a contagious energy at Pub Street and I love their pop-up bars where you can buy a shot of international liquor paired with mint and lime, … Continue reading 2016 In Retrospect: CAMBODIA