Novels for the Big Boys: My Top 5 Tom Clancy

Salute to the author and to women who have this fascination with guns, subs, fighter planes and war itself and are men enough to read a Tom Clancy.. my top 5 all-time favorite!


Haruki Murakami: Deep Inside 1Q84

I am not fond of doing reviews for books because I don't take notes while reading. It breaks the momentum of the story and back reading is tedious as they come. I hate back reading even on chat boxes like messenger. And when you read a Haruki Murakami, you wouldn't have the energy to take … Continue reading Haruki Murakami: Deep Inside 1Q84

A Book Review: Norwegian Wood

The title is from one of Beatles famous songs. I never did personally liked the band because the songs does not appeal to my ears. Blame it on being born in the era of boy bands with the likes of Nick Carter and his brothers, A1, Westlife to name a few. I grew up in … Continue reading A Book Review: Norwegian Wood


Thoughts on Fifty Shades of Grey

Did I read the book? Yes, I did. All of the 3 sequels? No, I didn't. When my friend Shernan shared the e-book series sometime in 2014, I was excited. I thought it was another Harold Robbins kind of novel. He is controversial due to excessive graphic sexuality on his novels but his novels are … Continue reading Thoughts on Fifty Shades of Grey


Good Reads of 2014

I have started my love story with books since I learned how to read. I devoured everything I could get my hands into. Luckily, the highschool library of the barrio where I grew up has a lot of donated books from overseas. I've read The Curious Case of Benjamin Button from the compilation of Great … Continue reading Good Reads of 2014