A Couple Hike and Travel, Together


Adventuring with a significant other has its ups and downs and I often advice couples I know to try travelling together or climbing a few mountains together before deciding the other person is the “One”. Why? Because you’ll learn more of your partner’s strength, weaknesses, coping strategies, wants, ideologies and principles in life during a travel or hike than you will learn in maybe several years of dating. I could be overestimating it but you get the gist and you can take it to the bank.

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Being a solo traveller, I can’t relate to the joys and struggles of traveling with a significant other but a Cebu-based couple who travels together, holds a job and maintains a travel blog Adrenaline Romance shared some of their thoughts to us.

Meet Team Sweetie, Gian and Sheila!


The question we always ask when we meet a couple for the first time is “how did you two met?” and one of them would either start blushing and happily give the tiniest details. Asking a couple that question makes them remember that moment when their eyes first met, the butterflies, the passion and the list goes on.

Gian apparently is not the shy type,

“Recovering after five years from a breakup, I posted in my Facebook wall that I want a girlfriend. A mutual friend of ours saw it and arranged for Sheila, who was also recovering from a break-up and me to meet at the Cantabaco Crag. We met while rock climbing…!”

This is where that phrase applies, If you want it just ask for it. We can just imagine them cheering each other while completing a difficult route.

For those who aren’t familiar with Cantabaco Crag, it is one of the best rock climbing destinations in Cebu and if you want to sample rock climbing in that part of the Philippines then this is the place to be.


Picking up from that first meeting, the not-so-shy Gian started inviting Sheila to join him in his adventures to which Shiela accepted and in between those adventures they realized that they share the same passion for the outdoors.

“It’s like I am the male version of her and she’s the female version of me. Naturally, we clicked”

They clicked, kissed and then they got married!

And here comes what I believe is the most important question we singles should be asking couples, more important than the how did you met question and I posed this to Gian and Sheila – how did you two last this long?

Each couple developes unique ways to keep the fire burning and apparently for Gian and Shiela, adventuring together keeps them bonded together.

“Our passion for outdoor adventure, our love for traveling, our willingness to experiment on something new and cooking new dishes – those keep us together. Of course, just like anyone else, we have our own share of differences. However, we are mature enough to accept, respect, and even admire those differences”

Respect is one of the main driving force in relationships especially with a romantic partner. Imagine each day waking up beside a person that you no longer respect? That’s waking up to a nightmare.


Have you heard of stories of people meeting their significant other during a hike or travel? Science explain that when two people experience an exciting activity together, the level of attractiveness goes up and lucky for other people this jumpstarts a lasting relationship.

I know of one who fell in love with her hiking guide in the Himalayas or a climb organizer falling in love with a travel participant. Love can be found in the strangest places err circumstances indeed!

Gian and Sheila shares their thoughts what to look for in a partner in life,

“Find someone who shares the same passion as you. In that way, it’s easier to fall in love. You have a lot in common, so you avoid petty arguments and speculations…”

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Safety  is always a concern for people who are into adventure because the lack of it could mean your life during an emergency or accident. Gian and Sheila became safety conscious that they learned life saving skills – search and rescue, swimming, diving (both are licensed scuba divers) and studied caving protocols among others.

I always tell friends that life saving skills are a must even if you are not into travelling or hiking. I for one does not know basic CPR but I have always strived hard to learned basic first aid, swimming, land navigation and other mountaineering basics. At least in times of emergency or any accident, it’s one less person to worry for responders.


Since the couple loves hiking, I had to ask which trail do they consider beautiful out of all the trails they have walked as a couple.

“Our Mt. Guiting-guiting climb in Sibuyan Island, Romblon was probably the best and most challenging climbs we had in our adventuring lives. Enjoying the beautiful sceneries, traversing through virgin forests, and seeing ferns that seems to date back to the era of the dinosaurs is just the tip of the iceberg. G2 challenged us in every way – physical, mental, and spiritual….”

Indeed the trail of Mt. Guiting-guiting in Romblon or dubbed as G2 has one of the best views and is considered as one of the most challenging climbs in the Philippines. My own memory of the mountain were of mist, cliff and the jagged mountains but my heart would always belong to the trails of Mt. Pulag in Benguet.


Aside from the beautiful views and awesome trails, what learnings do the mountains teach the couple?

We are not special, we are insignificant, fragile and minuscule in the vastness of Mother Nature….”

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What’s next for the couple? A long list of climbing dreams!

“Climbing alpine mountains, any mountain, would definitely be awesome. We also want to trek the Lower Himalayas because it would be a new experience for us who are used to trekking in tropics. It would be a great way to enjoy spectacular vistas and immerse in the Indian, Tibetian, and Nepalese culture….”

Since hiking and travelling became mainstream, educating children and locals about the importance of preserving Mother Nature as well as recognizing the threats that nature is facing is the best long-term solution for Gian and Sheila to counter threats to the environment and help in the country’s ecotourism.

“We have to ingrain a philosophy of loving and protecting nature early on if we want to preserve our natural resources for generations to come.

Also, we need to impart admiration, respect, and knowledge of our history and culture. That is important to instill pride as Filipinos….”

Couple that travel and hike together, stays together seems to be true for Gian and Sheila. Do you agree? Let me know on the comment box!


Author’s note:

Thank you Gian and Sheila for taking the time.

Guys, you can visit the couple’s blogsite, Adrenaline Romance to be updated with their adventures and also to have ideas about places to visit when you find yourself flying to Cebu without an itinerary.

All photos that appears here from Gian and Sheila. Using, copying and distribution of these needs permission from them.



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